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Epona and Other Deities

Associated with Epona

Many deities were associated with Epona at the time, either by sharing a dedicatory inscription, or by being depicted together on the same sculpture, or by being associated in other ways such as sharing a temple.
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Origins of Epona

Although we know quite a lot about Epona at the height of her worship during the Roman Empire, much less is known about the origins of Epona. Perhaps she was a native Gaulish goddess, or perhaps she was a fusion goddess created when Germanic, Gaulish and Danubian peoples formed a new identity as Roman cavalrymen. Perhaps other, older deities influenced the style of Epona depictions.
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Later influences

Much of the evidence for Epona worship abruptly ceases with the adoption of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Yet later traces can be found, influencing Christian iconography of the flight to Egypt, for example, and also perhaps influencing later Pagan deities such as Rhiannon and Macha.
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